Has Michelle Phan Had Plastic Surgery? Body Measurements and More!

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery and Body Measurements

We have listed all plastic surgeries Michelle Phan has, and has not, done. Could plastic surgery be her secret weapon? Below are the rumors, plastic surgery facts, and more!


Michelle was born April 11, 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts to Vietnamese parents. She grew up in Tampa, Florida. In 2005, young Phan started her first blog. In 2007, she started her own YouTube channel about her favorite topics – mostly make up. Her videos had incredible success. We are talking some serious business now. For example, L’Oreal recently launched a new new cosmetic line named EM by Michelle Phan. That’s how popular she is now.

Body Measurements

We have gathered all body measurements and statistics of Michelle Phan, including bra size, cup size, shoe size, height, body shape, and weight.

Michelle Phan - Body Measurements
Height 1.55 m, 5’1” (feet & inches)
Weight 49.4 kg, 109 pounds
Cup Size (US) A
Shoe Size (US) N/A
Body Shape Banana
Dress Size (US) 0

Plastic Surgery

Which plastic surgery procedures have Michelle Phan done? Below we have compiled a list of all known facts about the stars beauty enhancements:

Michelle Phan - Cosmetic Procedures
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) N/A
Boob Job (Breast Augmentation) No
Breast Reduction N/A
Facelift (Rhytidectomy) N/A
Lips N/A
Fillers N/A
Botox N/A
Liposuction N/A
Butt Implants N/A
Butt Lift (Buttock Lift) N/A
Eyelid Surgery N/A
Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) N/A

Plastic Surgery Pics

Check out these pictures of Michelle Phan. Is there any plastic surgery involved?

Michelle Phan Cosmetic Surgery Body
Who needs cosmetic surgery when in possession of Michelle Phan's mesmerizing charisma?
Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Face
Looking outstanding: Michelle Phan knows how to master the selfie pose. She doesn't need plastic surgery to look fantastic.


"What if someone created some sort of eyebrow pencil that was revolutionary and that was made specifically to help eyebrows look more realistic?"

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery and Body MeasurementsMichelle Phan

"You know how it is in L.A. At times, it's a dog-eat-dog world. There's a lot of sharks. I think with YouTube, we're anti that. We're anti-competitive. We're all about collaborating and supporting."

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery and Body MeasurementsMichelle Phan

"If you go on my Instagram, you're not going to see the same content you'll see on my YouTube. Instagram has become the new magazine. It's much more editorial and about perfect moments that are captured. Snapchats are funny, real moments that you want to share. On YouTube, it's more structured, more storytelling."

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery and Body MeasurementsMichelle Phan

"As a young girl, I loved having stories read to me. There is something magical about narration and voiceovers. Recording a voiceover is an art form in itself."

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery and Body MeasurementsMichelle Phan

"That's the beauty about beauty; it's not like a tattoo. You can just wash it right off, and your skin is your canvas, so you can do something new the next day."

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery and Body MeasurementsMichelle Phan